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— Dec 15, 2015

Glass vs Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades

The Australian climate can be extreme, from subzero temperatures in the south to 40+ Degree (Celsius) heat in the north, clearly a one type fits all approach to balustrades for your home may seem impossible. Similarly, Australian’s can often experience 2 or even 4 seasons in one day - with winds and storms capable of making you go from wearing shorts and a singlet to rugging up in your jeans and a jumper.

— Nov 3, 2015

Timber vs Aluminium Fencing

Deciding on a fence can be a difficult decision with all the options on the market today. To make your job easier, it is best to distinguish between Timber and Aluminium. Once you have decided on one or the other you can then look into the particular features each type of fence can offer. Let us break down the basics to help make your decision easier.

— Oct 7, 2015

Stylish Pool Fencing Inspiration

So you’ve got the pool. You’ve landscaped the yard. Now you just need to decide on a fence! But what fence is best suited for your space and your style? That is where we can help. 

— Sep 21, 2015

Does Your Fence Comply with the New Safe Pool Fencing Legislation?

Over the past few years, Australia has introduced rigorous pool fence laws in all States and Territories to prevent the tragedy of children and toddlers drowning in our backyards. This means that all pool fence specifications are checked every 12 to 18 months to ensure they comply with the relevant State and Territory laws. 

— Sep 2, 2015

What is the Best Balustrade or Pool Fence to Use for Coastal Living?

Erosion and storms are two common problems we face living near the coast, along with sea salt corrosion. It is this corrosion that causes problems with unprotected metal structures, so if you live near the coast or own and run a business near the sea, then you need to be extra vigilant with the type of materials you use on your property.

— Apr 30, 2015

New Aluminium Pool Fence Install

The new Aluminium Pool Fencing is proving to be a popular choice - something different from glass!

— Apr 20, 2015


No wonder our products are so accurate - our Production Manager, Jennette Harvey, never misses the mark! In late November 2014 she won the Australian National titles in the FBR (Female Bowhunter Release) division. Jennette has won this title three years running which earns her the right and privilege of representing our country in the IBO (International Bowhunting Organisation) World Championships to be held in the US next year. Brilliant. Well done Jennette! We are so proud and happy to have Jennette behind the manufacture of all our products. She cannot help but produce the best. All the more reason to get your 'famous' Sentrel balustrade or Pool fence today!

IMG_1020 - Copy.JPG

— Jun 26, 2014

Brand New Product from Sentrel


Introducing the all new Aluminium Vertical Cable System, incorporating extruded aluminium sections powder coated in a range of colours, and with either aluminium, timber or even no handrail!

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— Feb 25, 2014

Sentrel Pool Fence - the only compliant cable fence

We have recently had our Pool Fencing tested again to ensure that it complies with the most recent Australian Standards - AS 1926.1 - 2012. This is a very stringent testing procedure - specifically the 'cone test'. We passed with plenty of room to spare, and we can now confidently say that our Pool Fencing is the only cable fencing system that complies to NATA and Australian Standards. If you want safety, compliance and the best look on the market, the answer is simple! 


— Nov 19, 2013

This photograph says it all - safety, and style!