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— Jun 29, 2011

Listing with Architecture Media!

We are delighted to have created a listing with Architecture Media, a collection of 6 separate, delicious magazines which answer every design fantasy you may have.

Architecture Media Pty Ltd print magazines and online information covering:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • Design
  • Building Products & Services.

Have a look at their website and in particular our listing. We are moving on every day!

— Jun 17, 2011

Stunning New Landscape Design

A stunning new landscape design has been constructed using our Balustrade and Pool Fencing by Valley Garden Landscapes in Sydney. This team of great designers have some gorgeous gallery shots of our products (as well as other projects they have worked on) and it’s well worth checking out their website to see how it’s done! Gorgeous!

Valley Garden landscapes is a high-quality provider for all landscaping requirements in and around Sydney. They are establishing themselves as one of Sydney’s most sought-after landscape contractors. Their award-winning design team is a member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM) and, together with their highly experienced construction teams, pride themselves on excellent client communication, innovative design and a quality of construction that exceeds their client’s expectations.

Valley Garden Landscape

Office number : 02 9548 6024
Mobile number : 0412 440 447

— Jun 6, 2011

Happy Client’s Testimonial

Sentrel Balustrades and Pool Fencing is always thrilled to get a cool testimonial from a happy customer!

‘You recently sold me some balustrade and it went together really nicely. I am not a builder, but found it a piece of cake! I have more to do in a few months time & will talk again then. Cheers!’

G. Crane Sales & Marketing Manager

— Jun 6, 2011

Sentrel Balustrade and Pool Fencing Stairwell

— Jun 6, 2011

Some Beautiful Images of our Product


Some beautiful images of our product being used in a contemporary, craftsman-built environment…Love it when our clients do installs like this…Thanks, guys!

Image Not Found.

— Jun 6, 2011

Sentrel News! 35% of Pools Not Registered!

The recent state Government announcement to extend the date for pool or spa owners to register their pools has highlighted the fact that only approximately 35% of pools are not registered. Owners need to ensure their pools are registered.

‘That’s the frightening statistic provided by Queensland based Pool Fence Inspection business ‘The Pool Fence People’, said General Manager Rob Astill. ‘We have been offering a free pool registration service along with an inspection pre-book service now available through our website or via the Complete Pool Directory and that has peaked recently with puzzled pool owners contacting us to find out what do as they are unable to reach the government due to their phones always being busy’.

‘Our statistics indicate that around 35% of the requests for registration we get are not already registered when we check government systems and that means it’s all the more important for pool owners to make sure they are registered now in addition to pre-booking their inspection to ensure they have a compliant pool or spa’.

‘The fact that there has been a sudden spike in registrations with so many pools still not registered says to me that people are not understanding the new laws and the requirements they need to follow’, says Samantha Browne from the Complete Qld Pool Directory. ‘If people want to keep up-to-date or ask questions with all the pool requirements, they can use our website to do so.

— May 2, 2011

Sentrel Products Receives DesignEX Award for Best Product!

Sentrel Vertical Cable Balustrade and Pool Fencing has just been awarded 'Best New Product – Architectural External & Structural Products' at this year’s Melbourne DesignEX. Australia’s leading design and architecture event presents the best in contemporary and classic designs.  This trade-only event has been at the forefront of the design and architectural arena for over 20 years.

Sentrel’s designer, Brett Harrison, was unable receive the award, which was accepted on his behalf by Louise Scott, who was in Melbourne as part of Sentrel’s Sales and Marketing team. Interior designer and executive sales manager Jennifer Fair is delighted with the honour, reflecting that a great deal of hard work had gone on behind the scenes to get the product to the show. ‘In a product like pool fencing and balustrade, complying with Australian Standards is essential. The testing is rigorous. Engineer certification and quality craftsmanship are essential to us. We made it through the process and the design is still stunning! We love it’.

Jen and her partner Bob Acton, from Byron Bay, first came into contact with Sentrel by entering and winning a competition for $6,000 of Sentrel’s Pool Fencing in 2009. Bob is a building designer, so between them there were a few ‘lively conversations’ about which way to go for pool fencing. Glass was good-looking but needed cleaning and didn’t let the breezes through, steel didn’t offer any kind of visual appeal to them as designers and horizontal cable balustrade has never been legal for pools. They loved the vertical cable Sentrel product so much they became partners in Sentrel Australia and are taking the business around the country with their enthusiasm and expertise.

Jarrod Butlin of Bago Woodworks in Wauchope, manufactures the product, and is also a Director of the company. Bago Woodworks is renowned for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, and have been building fine furniture for years. The ‘Best Product’ award to Sentrel Australia is a testament to small business success in our state, combining the talents and skills of a design, manufacturing and sales team across 3 regional areas in New South Wales producing an Australian-made product using Australian hardwoods. Congratulations to Sentrel!

— Mar 24, 2011

Australian Plunge Pools

A Concrete Swimming Pool that can be installed in just one day!

Believe it or not, Australian Plunge Pools have a product that can do just that. Their unique range of concrete pools are creating buzz in the market and giving new hope to those wanting an easy solution to pool installation.

With backyards getting smaller Australian Plunge pools offer a compact, stylish and environmentally friendly product that will modernize a garden and create a distinctive design element that will connect the home with the entertaining areas at an unbeatable price. Alternatively the pools can be utilised indoors to maximise all year usage.

All pools come with engineered drawings, glass mosaic tiles, coping, ladder, light, skimmer box, Bench seating, Pump/Filter and Chlorinator, Flow and return pipe work, pressure relief valve and Oasis Solar Blanket.

If you require a pool for the children by day and a romantic spa by night the pool can be custom designed to suit your needs with additional seating, spa jets, variable depth (up to 2.1m) and heating provision.

The pools are available in three diameters with a standard depth of 1.35m, can be installed in or out of the ground, are fully tiled, plumbed and ready to fill. Installation can be DIY or a qualified installer can do it for you.

…so if your needs are small and you want to save time, money and space then call us now to arrange a quote for your site.

For further information contact 1300 989 042.

— Mar 24, 2011

Sentrel Balustrades and Pool Fencing at Melbourne designEX!

We at Sentrel Balustrades and Pool Fencing are really thrilled to be exhibiting at Melbourne designEX this year. This Design and Architecture, Interior Design, Contemporary and Classic Design Mecca is all about showcasing exemplary products and materials to designers from all the major design disciplines.

This year, the expo is being held in Melbourne, the centre for the Arts and a beautiful city as well. Fittingly, the 2011 National Architecture Conference is being held at the same venue, the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne.

We’re feeling really blessed to have secured Stand 1601, a spot just near the main entry where all those pumped-up architects are going to be flooding into the Exhibition Hall, ready to soak up the excellence of our Balustrades and Pool Fencingand be impressed by the technical and safety features of our product.  So, we’re calling all architects and interior and landscape designers to find us at Stand 1601 and get to know us, our products and our passion for our industry.

The agenda includes a variety of keynote sessionsnew products awardslive profile seminar theatrearchitectural radar and a host of other goodies to keep all you designers out there happy as!

Booked your tickets or seminars yet? Visit designEX and have areally good look around, then come see us in Melbourne! A bientôt!

— Mar 24, 2011

Departure of our Public Relations Manager

Sentrel is both delighted and saddened by the movement offshore of our much-loved Public Relations Consultant. This move has been planned for some time, but of course now that the time is upon us, we find that we are quite emotional about our loss.

‘Delighted’ we are because our Public Relations Manager (a.k.a Director of the company…a.k.a Brett Harrison) is off to Cuba to dance his little heart out!

‘Saddened’ we are because we are mildly envious (only mildly) because in his absence we work, slaving our hearts out at designEX and on other ventures! (Oh, well, I know that we just wrote a blog about how much we’re looking forward to designEX – just don’t tell him that!).

So, if you have wonderful, enchanting and positive stories to regale us with about how much you love our products, write to and she will bask in your praise and sunshine. In the (highly) unlikely event that you have a complaint for us, er, send it to brettincuba@sentrel/ and say we sent you. That is, if your email can find him at that address….Hellooooo!