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— Nov 29, 2010

Pool Fencing Legislation

Changes to new Pool Fencing Legislation

Legislation surrounding safe pool enclosures is under constant review in an effort to address the issue of child safety in swimming pool areas. Balustrade and Pool Fencing laws are tighter than ever, so it is vital that pool owners familiarise themselves with the latest safety legislation.

From an ethical and legal standpoint, a thorough understanding of the reality of keeping children safe near swimming pools is essential. Our beautiful products provide safety and peace of mind, by satisfying the swimming pool legislation. For your information, click here to view the press release from Barbara Perry, minister for Local Government, regarding NSW swimming pool laws.

— Nov 29, 2010

Queensland Pool Legislation Changes


Swimming pools should be fun. However, drowning is the leading cause of death for children aged one to four years in Queensland. Supervision of kids and teaching them to swim at a young age can save lives. Effective pool fencing also helps keep kids safe. This is why new pool safety laws have been introduced in Queensland. Pool owners have until 30 November 2015 to comply with the new laws – unless they sell or lease their property before this time.

These new laws have been designed to streamline and unify pool safety legislation by replacing 11 pool safety standards with one. There will also be a wider application of relevant legislation to include areas such as caravan parks, indoor and hotel pools, backpackers, mobile home parks and homestays. The current type of pool closing mechanism will be phased out and there will be a requirement for the latest prescribed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sign adopted by the Australian Resuscitation Council to be displayed near each pool.

There are tougher guidelines for purchasers or owners of leased properties, requiring certification to be carried out before a sale achieves settlement or a non-compliance certificate will be issued along with the requirement to certify the pool to the relevant standards within 90 days of settlement, at the purchaser’s expense unless otherwise negotiated during the sale.

A state-based Pool Registry has been created to record a list of regulated pools in Queensland, and pool owners have until February 2011 to check that their pool has been registered. If not, they are required to do so. The pool safety register also includes a list of all licensed pool safety inspectors. The register can be accessed at

So, make sure that you have all of the relevant and up-to-date information for the neww pool legislation laws ion Queensland. for anyone elsewhere in the country, why not take a look through the legislation anyway – Queensland have done a great job of addressing the serious issue of childhood drownings. There’s something for every pool-owner and parent here. Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines.

— Oct 5, 2010

Rumour: Sentrel Wins Controversial Upgrade to Dingo Fence


Wow! Where do rumours begin? This is a beauty! Not that we mind, we’d be selling a whole lot of balustrade for that bit of fencing…If you haven’t seen the ad, have a look here. or, visit YouTube if you want to send it around…spread that rumour! Of course, it just goes to show how versatile and beautiful our products are for this kind of hullaballoo! What do you think?

— Aug 25, 2010

Pool Safety – A Dynamic Activity


Pool safety is more than just a safe enclosure or a series of static procedures that are put into place to protect children. Pool safety is a dynamic activity,  requiring ongoing attention and considerable vigilance.

Every Australian home with a pool must have a safety fence. Make absolutely certain that you keep ladders, tables, chairs and other items away from the fence. There is no sense or security in having an approved fencing enclosure if climbable objects like these are kept near (or can be moved to) the pool enclosure. Children are notorious climbers who see the challenge and not the danger.

Practice pool safety. For more, really valuable information on the subject of pool safety and children, see the Raising Children Network site.

— Apr 25, 2010

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