Just Got Back From the HIA Home Show!!

Posted on August 8, 2011


Just back from the Home Show- beautiful sunny weather & a great turnout!

I collected lots of leads to send information to and follow up. Jarrod (our Newcastle installer) went through hundreds of business cards – he was busy stapling them to the back of the brochures and to watch him in action was entertaining! I gave a brochure to Don Burke despite the efforts of a very protective (and burly) security girl, and when I tried to get him over to the stand the following day, she planted herself firmly in my way and said Don needed to go!

Went a little better with Luke Van Dyke who is on TV renovating shows. A 3rd generation builder, he came over to the stand after I invited him and was really keen on the system and stood around and had a bit of a chat. Check out his website – they build on the Northern Beaches. Only a young guy late 20’s, but very personable and friendly (guess that’s why he’s on TV!).

So, definitely the best Home Show that I have done (besides DesignEX, which was a different ball game).

People can’t help but touch our balustrades when they walk by and the stand works really well! Got to love that!

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