Sentrel News! 35% of Pools Not Registered!

Posted on June 6, 2011

The recent state Government announcement to extend the date for pool or spa owners to register their pools has highlighted the fact that only approximately 35% of pools are not registered. Owners need to ensure their pools are registered.

‘That’s the frightening statistic provided by Queensland based Pool Fence Inspection business ‘The Pool Fence People’, said General Manager Rob Astill. ‘We have been offering a free pool registration service along with an inspection pre-book service now available through our website or via the Complete Pool Directory and that has peaked recently with puzzled pool owners contacting us to find out what do as they are unable to reach the government due to their phones always being busy’.

‘Our statistics indicate that around 35% of the requests for registration we get are not already registered when we check government systems and that means it’s all the more important for pool owners to make sure they are registered now in addition to pre-booking their inspection to ensure they have a compliant pool or spa’.

‘The fact that there has been a sudden spike in registrations with so many pools still not registered says to me that people are not understanding the new laws and the requirements they need to follow’, says Samantha Browne from the Complete Qld Pool Directory. ‘If people want to keep up-to-date or ask questions with all the pool requirements, they can use our website to do so.

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