Pool Safety

Proposed Changes to the National Construction Code

Volumes 1 and 2 Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2012 have now been released by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) through the BCA 2012 public comment draft.

Stunning New Landscape Design

A stunning new landscape design has been constructed using our Balustrade and Pool Fencing by Valley Garden Landscapes in Sydney. This team of great designers have some gorgeous gallery shots of our products (as well as other projects they have worke…

Sentrel News! 35% of Pools Not Registered!

The recent state Government announcement to extend the date for pool or spa owners to register their pools has highlighted the fact that only approximately 35% of pools are not registered. Owners need to ensure their pools are registered.

Pool Fencing Legislation

Legislation surrounding safe pool enclosures is under constant review in an effort to address the issue of child safety in swimming pool areas. Balustrade and Pool Fencing laws are tighter than ever, so it is vital that pool owners familiarise themse…

Queensland Pool Legislation Changes

Pool Safety – A Dynamic Activity

Pool safety is more than just a safe enclosure or a series of static procedures that are put into place to protect children. Pool safety is a dynamic activity, requiring ongoing attention and considerable vigilance.

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