Departure of our Public Relations Manager

Posted on March 24, 2011

Sentrel is both delighted and saddened by the movement offshore of our much-loved Public Relations Consultant. This move has been planned for some time, but of course now that the time is upon us, we find that we are quite emotional about our loss.

‘Delighted’ we are because our Public Relations Manager (a.k.a Director of the company…a.k.a Brett Harrison) is off to Cuba to dance his little heart out!

‘Saddened’ we are because we are mildly envious (only mildly) because in his absence we work, slaving our hearts out at designEX and on other ventures! (Oh, well, I know that we just wrote a blog about how much we’re looking forward to designEX – just don’t tell him that!).

So, if you have wonderful, enchanting and positive stories to regale us with about how much you love our products, write to and she will bask in your praise and sunshine. In the (highly) unlikely event that you have a complaint for us, er, send it to brettincuba@sentrel/ and say we sent you. That is, if your email can find him at that address….Hellooooo!

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