Stylish Pool Fencing Inspiration

Posted on October 7, 2015

So you’ve got the pool. You’ve landscaped the yard. Now you just need to decide on a fence! But what fence is best suited for your space and your style? That is where we can help. 


It’s easy to look at pictures and see what you like, but will it harmonise with your house and yard? What if you get a fence only to find out there were better options for you and your family that you missed out on. It’s important to spend time researching fence styles, safety, and variety before you settle. So we’ve extended to you some of our tips to make sure your fence suits your space as well as a little fashionable fence inspiration to help you decide what the perfect pool fence is for you!


What is the Functionality of the Fence?

Do you want to separate the pool area from the yard? This is common for large outdoor spaces with large shrubbery, manicured lawns, or if the property backs onto the bush or even if the pool is spaced further away from your home. Or do you want to separate the pool area from the house? In these cases, Sentrel’s signature Vertical Cable Pool Fence with bold timber balustrades would be appropriate and feel authentic to the space. This pool fence style is new to the market and allows you to separate a space without enclosing it. This makes for a beautiful open-air atmosphere but still makes you feel like you have the privacy you want in each space.

Now if you have a small outdoor space and want to make it appear bigger you would probably want to apt for a see through fence. Glass fences are a great idea if you have a great view you don’t want to block. The only consideration with a glass fence is that is would stop air from flowing through the space.. and of course the amount of maintenance it would require to maintain that great view. 

An alternative to a glass fence is an Aluminium Vertical Wire Pool Fence. These fences are ideal for either a large or small outdoor space because they are maintenance free and offer variety - you can choose between no handrail, matching aluminium handrail or timber handrail – depending on the style of your space. This fence opens up a space by allowing you to see through the space with fine vertical wires but it amazingly has the capacity to also break up spaces in a very flattering way.



What is your perspective? Are you closing out your pool to open up a larger entertaining area away from the pool? Or is the pool the entertainment area and you want to include more space within the pool area? 

Shape, Size, and Shade

Sometimes you find the perfect fence but it just doesn’t match your house. Or your house just can’t seem to match to any fences! At Sentrel we have designed award-winning pool fences that incorporate beautiful hardwood rails with stainless steel infill, or now with extruded aluminium rails in colours of your choice.

A great thing about having a Sentrel pool fence is you have flexibility with the design. You can stain the wood any shade you like or you can change the colour of the aluminium rails. What’s more, is that you don’t have to compromise between having a wood – or – metal fence. You can have both in one and achieve that warm hardwood feel we love for our homes but you also get that modern, sophisticated touch.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice What You Want

Do you want something that is beautiful and doesn’t necessarily need to be user friendly? Or rather, would you prefer a fence that is optimal for your family’s usability but appearance is negotiable? Or do you want a fence that makes your home look luxurious and feel comfortable but also offers premium usability?  

Here at Sentrel we specialize in modern design, luxury style, and the highest safety standards. We care about you, your family, and understand that a fence is not just only a necessity – but is also a beautiful accent to your space. 

If you want to learn more about Sentrel’s vertical cable pool fences please contact us at 1 300 658 330 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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