Timber vs Aluminium Fencing

Posted on November 3, 2015

Deciding on a fence can be a difficult decision with all the options on the market today. To make your job easier, it is best to distinguish between Timber and Aluminium. Once you have decided on one or the other you can then look into the particular features each type of fence can offer. Let us break down the basics to help make your decision easier.

Timber Fence 

Timber is such a versatile fencing material and the absolute go-to for a natural aesthetic. If the timber is sustainably harvested, it can be an environmentally friendly option also.  The only thing you need to consider with a timber fence is that it is susceptible to fire, moisture and pests such as fungi and termites. To ensure your timber fence has a long life you need to ensure it is sealed and coated and will need to be stained and coated every two to five years afterwards. 

Aluminium Fence

Modern aluminium fences are strong and durable but are also light and easy to transport and install. The material has the ability to resist corrosion, compared to other materials like steel that rust and wear down over time, which is great for coastal homes. This is a great fence for a uniform look, with little to no maintenance. All you have to do is give your fence a little wash down with water to remove residual salt build up every once and a while to keep the fence looking new. Aluminium fences offer clean, simple lines and can come in a variety of different colours. Aluminium is a great option for pool fences and can be built on slopes and stairs.

Sentrel Fences

The timber we use in Sentrel products is primarily spotted gum, as a native Australian timber it is naturally tough and resilient that is traditionally used to make tool handles, boats, springboards and furniture. It has a Class 1 rating of 40+ years out of ground durability, is termite resistant and is in the highest class of fire retardant timbers.

Sentrel panels are manufactured at our factory and delivered on-site, ready to install. This means quick and easy installation - making our products an attractive and affordable choice.

We have also now developed an entirely new range of maintenance free vertical wire balustrades and pool fencing that incorporates extruded aluminium sections to replace the timber. What’s great about this design is that it is self-tensioning and assembles rapidly onsite with nothing more than a few simple tools. You have the choice of no handrail, matching aluminium handrail, or timber handrail giving you options and flexibility with the design, along with that modern sleek look we love.

Wire Pool Fence

Previously, pool fence options were limited, but Sentrel’s Vertical Cable Pool Fence design has changed that.  You might have seen horizontal cable fences before, but a lot of these do not meet the Australian Standards for Pool Fencing. We’ve created a fence design with vertical wires that not only meet Australian safety standards in every state and territory but they are also ideal to maintain air-flow throughout your space.  This exciting range enables a seamless transition from deck and balcony areas, to the pool and entertaining areas while maintaining a stylish and coordinated look incorporating aluminium and timber if you just can’t make up your mind.

See-through Pool Fencing

If your priority for a fence is to find a solution that doesn’t block your fantastic views, we can help there too. All of Sentrel’s range of fences can incorporate vertical wires or cables with timber, steel, or aluminium rails in colours of your choice that don’t block your view! Our products are safe, reliable and beautiful and are manufactured in panels and installed on-site, ensuring maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness. Plus, your home life isn’t disrupted for days on end. You could be enjoying views like this country home in Canungra, Queensland in no time! 

For more information about Timber and Aluminium fencing options please contact Sentrel at 1300 658 330 or fill out our online inquiry form.

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