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Legislation. noun. Leg-is-la-tion

1. (Law) the act or process of making laws; enactment. 2. (Law) the laws so made.

...otherwise known as the serious part of balustrade compliance and pool safety that all home owners need to be aware of when designing, building and securing their balconies and swimming pool areas.

As part of Sentrel's commitment to customer service, we've dedicated this page to balustrade and pool fence Safety Legislation so that you can find all the information that you need to know in one place. It's a minefield out there and finding the right legislation for your state, or keeping up with the latest and greatest changes in Pool Safety Laws, can be tricky and (let's face it...) well, tiresome, really!

So, you've come to the right place. We found this info because, of course, we need to know it so that we can build it! So, dive in and get familiar with what you have to know if you own a pool and/or deck, and help keep everyone safe. Also, if you think we're missing some valuable information - let us know! Drop us a line at info@sentrel.com.au - we want to stay up-to-date and give you our best!

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Legislation Resources

AS 1926.1-2012 Swimming pool safety - Safety barriers for swimming pools Pool Safety Brochure Press Release - Strong Swimming Pool Laws Announced Building Code of Australia - Balustrades



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